Incall sessions are now conducted at My very own private and fully equipped BDSM parlor, named "Fetisch Lab".   Located in the arts district of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 


It can be easily accessed off the L train Grand Street stop.  However, I suggest a Lyft or Uber if coming from Manhattan.  There are also many in the area to return at all hours.  Both forms of transportation take about 30 min. or less.  

Full address and entrance protocols will be revealed upon session confirmation via text or email, once you are fully approved and set for appointment.  

No smoking sessions available at My incall location.

For those who are too hesitant to go to Brooklyn, and want to stay in Manhattan, we are able to contact dungeons with rental spaces there to session.   Keep in mind this takes more time to arrange. 


There are different types of ways you can submit to Me...

A GLANCE:  Straight playtime through hourly and/ or 30min. sessions.  

A SPECIAL OCCASION:  3- 5 hours of play via incall /outcall / mix of both.

ALL NIGHTER:  Prolonged playtime leading inevitable bondage, restriction / sensory deprivation.  Wonderful  for cage and prolonged sleep sack enthusiasts, along with those who are looking for the experience of being dehumanized for an especially long period of time.  


To apply for these options, visit My APPLICATION page.  


Usually Monday - Friday EVENINGS

With at least a 24 hour advanced booking done by email.

Same day appointments

MUST be made at least a minimum of 5 hours prior to your requested start time.  

*this means your deposit is confirmed by then*

If it is not, then expect to idle longer and wait, as I loathe rushing.

Weekend sessions

 Need a minimum of 72 hours advanced notice.  Especially if you are a new client and /or in "prospect sub" status.   




Due to many other poorly behaved prospective clients, the industry experiences many opt-outs, and false bookings.   Thanks to them, it is standard independent Domina procedure to enforce an electronic security deposit.

A minimum
electronic security deposit of $50 sent with your application to serve Me will quicken your booking process, along with My response rate.  This proves validity in your interest to request and book an appointment.

For anonymity, purchase a credit card gift card of your choice, at your local chain convenience store (Walgreens, CVS, etc.) or electronic store (i.e. Best Buy), and email Me the redemption code by 2 quick photos, one of the front and one of the back of the card.  


Accepted electronic deposit forms are PayPal, Amazon gift card, Gift Rocket addressed to .  

Security and validation deposits are non-refundable if client shows to opt-out more than twice upon confirmed appointment time.  

Otherwise, the amount will be credited into the final tribute during the end of the appointment, upon My determining if everything went well.





Your donation to My role as a dominating Goddess will be accepted at 

$300 - $350 per hour,

in My Fetisch Lab.  

Outcall donations will start at $600 per hour.  Does NOT include additional Manhattan location rental rates.   For further locations, expect outcall donation rates to be higher and higher security protocol.  


Full medical sessions may require extra donations, depending on scene.   


 REMINDER, I am NOT an escort provider.  Do NOT confuse Me with a kinky escort or companion, or GFE provider.  I do NOT engage in illegal activities, nudity, and partial nudity.  I will gladly refer you to other Ladies who do.  


I am a "classic" Dominatrix  who practices the traditional ritual of Female supremist power-play exchange, BDSM, and Unusual Fetishes.  



Follow up by e-mailing Me directly at any of my inboxes in CONTACT  







If you are lucky,  catch Me taking direct calls HERE.





Medium immediate availability, email to set up.


 $100 tribute is required for a 25 minute Skype long distance domination / humiliation session.

My username will be revealed once I receive and confirm the tribute via MIMIKOMISTRESS@GMAIL.COM.  

Accepted are Paypal, Amazon gift card via email delivery, and GiftRocket.

Apply and inquire by e-mailing MIMIKOMISTRESS@GMAIL.COM.





I highly enjoy conducting live shared sessions with My Domme & switch friends. 


The DOUBLE:  Begining to end shared hourly playtime with My friend and I.  Full hourly tribute applies to both My friend & Myself. 


An APPEARANCE:  One or more of My friends will come in for a moment to engage in playtime briefly.  An extra tribute for each Woman is required for their playtime addition.  


To have an idea of who I work with...check out links to My FRIENDS

+ research other NYC Independent Dommes.

 email both of us to inquire



$450 per hour.

It would be a pleasure to introduce and teach elements of BDSM to lovebirds who are unfamilar with it and want to expand their intimacy.  


For an experienced pair, I will gladly orchestrate an unforgettable,  fun, and deeper journey into the BDSM realm.

Treat yourselves by learning some new tricks and tools of the trade.





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