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"I am the real deal.  I am strict.  I am no nonsense.  I am the Superior 'sexual sadist' Japanese American Woman Apex Predator.  I hunt for total control over the willing and submissive.  I very much still enjoy it all even after 10 years of non-stop professional and lifestyle play.  


Beware, as I am an advanced expert top player in NYC.  As a true real time FemDom Veteran, I will NOT tolerate disrespectful communication outside of session play.  


Bespoke experiences within the vast realm of professional BDSM and Fetish is where I want to lead the lost but willing. 


One must fully surrender.  Be vulnerable enough to confess to their most private taboo wanderings of their 'abnormal' depths within the inner world while in My presence. 


I have done everything humiliating and tormenting to a countless number of subs who have offered themselves to Me with or without mercy- in rare especially fun instances, more than one at a time.  

Nowadays, I prefer to orchestrate My sessions with intention to pick at the deep rooted compulsions which brought you here to begin with. 


I comb through applicants carefully, and do not accept any run of the mill inquiry.  I look for applicants who are open to discuss their interests.  Those unafraid to do some communication on their part, because I will not be mistaken for a medium with the psychic skills to read minds and know exactly what to do.

The bespoke experience requires this vulnerability from the very start.  This is how I gauge whether or not your submission is approved."   

-Domina Mimiko Mori


FullSizeRender-compressed 2.JPG

She welcomes the strange and unusual.

Challenge Her with out-there kinks or fetishes of asexual nature.  Lesser known exploration in this field is very exciting.


Domina Mimiko Mori is solely a top, and does not offer submissive sessions.


Activities can be tailored from a light, casual, sensual tune to VERY INTENSE.

Specializes in the following (not in any specific order):


 Humiliation / Corporal Punishment *Whipping, Caning, Paddling, Flogging* / Psychodrama & Role play *Favorite: True Crime / FinDom / Electro Play /  Full Medical / Body Piercing & Needle Play / Chastity /  CBT / SPH /Spankings & OTK /  Sissy Training & Forced Feminization / Heavy Bondage (ropes, leather, metal, latex, canvas) / Sensory Deprivation / Isolation Fantasy / Mummification / Caged Captivity /  Trampling & Crushing /  Car Gas Pedal Pumping + all Shoes  / Boot & Heel cleaning & adoration  / Blackmail  /  Shibari & Kinbaku rope /  all Suspension / Nipple Torture / Ball Busting, Punching & Kicking /   Tickle Torture / Collar & Leash / Smoking *outcall only* / Knife play / Scratching / Leather Sack & Latex Vacuum-Bed  / Dehumanizing / Cannibal Play / Pony or Puppy Play / Public & Verbal Humiliation / Public Live or Online Voyerism with silent or participating audience/ Breath Play & Rubber gasket contraptions / Asian-specific torture methods (i.e., kneeling on wooden tools)  / Death Fantasies / Castration / Kidnapping / Car Capture / Revved Peddling / Public Shopping Collared Slave / Hypnosis / Interrogation /  Police Role-play, Handcuffs Legcuffs, steel chains, Popping balloons, etc etc.


If any fetish or kink is not listed, simply ask.  Domina Mimiko as a fetish fashion fetishist Herself, owns a growing vast collection of genuine latex+ leather attire.  Also pvc, satin, and fur coats.  Accessories including gloves, suspenders, stockings, jewelry, hats, harnesses etc. 

 Stiletto shoes and all length type boots  with all heel lengths... 

Disclaimer: Domina Mimiko Mori is strictly a BDSM, Fetish professional, and 4th dimensional artist who does not offer kinky escort services or GFE.  

helena009 copy.jpg




 32DD - 25.75" - 36.5"

5'4" in natural height

Manicured natural long nails

Straight milk-tea blonde beige hair 

American accent

Age: 29

US dress size 4
UK dress size 6

US shoe size 6.5 or 7
EU shoe size 37




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